The unique Bugatti EB 110 Sport Competizione returns to the track 25 years later

The unique Bugatti EB 110 Sport Competizione returns to the track 25 years later

June 11, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Bugatti built just one EB 110 Sport Competizione in just 6 months.

Before the Bugatti Veyron, there was the EB 110 and one of the lesser known EB 110 models was the Sport Competizione known as the CS. The car came to life thanks to the businessman from Monaco and race car driver Gildo Pallanca-Pastor, who in March 1995 set the record for maximum speed on ice on the production EB 110 Super Sport. With an interest in EB 110 racing, Pallanca-Pastor ordered a car from Bugatti at the end of 1994 for the IMSA series.

In just six short months, Bugatti developed the EB 110 Sport Competizione. Pallance-Pastor has raced in the IMSA and BPR Global GT Series. However, at the end of 1995, Bugatti ran into financial problems. His racing car was confiscated and used as an asset during bankruptcy negotiations.

Eventually, Pallanca-Pastor pulled the car out of the bankruptcy assets and competed with it at Daytona in January 1996. His dream was to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But after the accident in Dijon a week before Le Mans and the lack of spare parts, the model could no longer be repaired for Le Mans.

Fast forward to 2021. The car has returned to its former glory, and recently it was the subject of a photo shoot at the circuit in Dijon, where it last raced.

Bugatti has built only two racing versions of the EB 110, the second being the LM. It’s hard to put a price tag on the disposable EB 110 Sport Competizione, but it’s worth several million dollars.

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