The unexpected leader in the electric car market of the future became known

The unexpected leader in the electric car market of the future became known

January 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen will release more than 14 million electric vehicles by 2028, making it the world leader in electric car manufacturers.

It is reported by GreenTechMedia. Thus, the publication notes, Tesla is definitely not the leader in maintaining the dynamics of production in the market.

Experts at Wood Mackenzie build their analysis on the forecast of Volkswagen, which set itself the task of producing 22 million electric vehicles by 2028. This goal is very far from reality, analysts are sure, and by the set deadline, the concern is unlikely to fulfill its promise.

“In order to sell 22 million electric cars, the company will have to capture 53% of the market by 2028, as well as buy 57% of all batteries, which will be very difficult to do. The figure of 14 million is much more realistic. It is based on the company’s production capacities and on the assessment of the gradual technology improvements, “say the authors of the publication.

In order to reach the threshold of 14 million cars, the company will need to fulfill only 63% of the tasks set for itself, however even such an achievement will provide the German concern with 27% of the entire world market. However, even in this case, the company will have to get contracts for 30% of the global production of batteries for electric cars, the authors write.

“Wood Mackenzie experts are not without reason paying so much attention to batteries: now they are almost not being produced in Europe, and this will become a serious obstacle for the aggressive strategy of the German concern. VW has already concluded agreements with major Chinese and Korean manufacturers, as well as invested $ 1 billion in the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt “Samsung’s statement added fuel to the fire, which announced that it would not be able to supply VW with the previously planned number of batteries,” the publication said.

At the same time, WoodMac analysts say that Tesla will sell 6 million electric vehicles by 2028. This figure could increase to 8 million if the engineers of Ilona Mask release an electric car of a basic configuration at a price of about $ 25 thousand. At the same time, in 2018, the head of Volkswagen Herbert Dis said that he intends to “produce the same electric cars as Tesla, only half as much.”

Ilon Musk himself claims that he wants to control 1% of all cars sold, not only electric and with batteries. To do this, the company will have to expand its range, analysts say, while emphasizing that Tesla now occupies a strong position in the electric car market as a potential leader.