The UK has again moved the date of the ban on the sale of conventional cars

The UK has again moved the date of the ban on the sale of conventional cars

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

New term – 2032

The UK government has again moved the deadline for a ban on the sale of cars with gasoline and diesel engines. Now Boris Johnson’s office is considering the possibility of blocking them from 2032, and not from 2035, as previously assumed. The ban, which has been criticized by automakers, will also affect hybrid models.

The possibility of an earlier ban in an interview with BBC Radio 5 said the Minister of Transport of Great Britain Grant Shapps. According to the politician, the cabinet of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering two options: 2035 or 2032. However, the faster this happens, the higher the likelihood that the government will be able to achieve zero emissions by mid-century.

However, neither one nor the other scenario finds support from manufacturers. The Automobile Industry Association (SMMT) refers to low sales of electric vehicles and underdeveloped infrastructure, but the main problem is still called the need for a complete transformation of the industry and the market.

Meanwhile, in Europe, an ecostrategy on phasing out cars with internal combustion engines by 2050 was previously agreed. At the same time, a number of countries, such as Iceland, Ireland and Denmark, plan to completely switch to environmentally friendly transport by 2030; France by 2040, and Norway by 2025. China, the largest market for battery electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrids, has not yet decided.