The ugliest car in the world was shown on the web

The ugliest car in the world was shown on the web

September 7, 2020 Off By autotimesnews

This awkward car has collected the most ridiculous, useless and frankly ugly decisions in terms of automotive design and body structure.

Rendered images of a fictional car have appeared on the Web, which claims to be the ugliest car in the world. The iReactor portal and designer Alexander Shtorm worked on this unusual project.

Before the artist embarked on the creative process, the most ugly and useless elements that have ever been found on a car were collected. So, the optics “spied” from the cheapest Indian sitikar Tata Nano: small, inexpressive, made of the cheapest material.

The car itself was decided to be presented in the form of a pickup – this type of body further emphasizes its absurdity. There is a reference to the non-standard Lamborghini LM002 SUV.

At the same time, the car on the renders tried on the popular streamlined body today, however, the expected effect of “WOW!” Did not work out. As in its time on the Nissan Micra C + C. Separate shapes and lines were borrowed from the SsangYong Rodius minivan. Several design elements allow us to draw parallels with the Nissan Juke, whose looks are not accepted by many.

In general, the resulting pickup has a repulsive appearance and uncomfortable design. They are inconvenient to drive, extremely difficult to park, difficult to repair (the hood does not swing open to the end) and the final touch is the lack of handles.

In a word, the author of the renders made his “child” as unsightly and useless as possible.

Let us remind you that earlier our portal talked about another non-existent machine, whose renders were on the Web. This is a two-door modification of the new S-Class. Such a coupe based on the flagship sedan cannot be called shocking (like the car above), but this does not make the project less interesting.