The transformer concept Renault Morphoz debuted

The transformer concept Renault Morphoz debuted

March 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Renault Morphoz concept car was supposed to be presented at the March motor show in Geneva, but due to the cancellation of the car dealership, the manufacturer had to use Plan B.

Renault introduced fans to the concept Renault Morphoz, built on the modular platform CMF-EV for electric cars. The manufacturer tried to make his concept car as versatile as possible: it is ideal for both city driving and travel. Also, with its help, you can provide the house with electricity, etc. Presented by Renault Morphoz in two versions with the talking names City and Travel. They differ from each other in size, battery capacity and power. So, Morphoz City is a little more compact than the Travel modification (4.4 meters in length against 4.8 meters).

 Without recharging, it will travel about 400 kilometers. The 40 kW⋅h battery is responsible for this. Morphoz Travel is capable of traveling up to 700 kilometers (due to a battery capacity of 90 kWh).
 The battery life is increased with the help of additional cells, which, if necessary, can be removed and left at the charging point. There they can be used by other drivers who need to “pump” a car for a long trip. If required, these units can provide electricity to the house or garage.

Another feature of the new items is sharing. Morphoz knows how to save settings and implies the use of different personal digital keys. Their role is played by ordinary smartphones. When decorating the interior of the car, eco-materials from recycled materials were used. There is a steering wheel with a dimensional screen in the center, which broadcasts all the necessary information. If desired, it can be turned off, and then the L-shaped panel takes over this function.

 Renault Morphoz will also get a third-level autopilot, which means that the driver will be able to “let go of the steering wheel” from time to time. This does not relieve him of the responsibility to monitor the road. Using the Renault Morphoz concept as an example, the French tried to show their future electric cars, whose appearance is planned for 2021.