The tests seen high-performance sedan Mercedes-AMG C-Class

The tests seen high-performance sedan Mercedes-AMG C-Class

February 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Foreign publications published photos from the tests of the updated Mercedes-AMG C-Class sedan. The German novelty is likely to be presented next year.

It was November 2018, when foreign journalists first caught the test prototype of the next-generation Mercedes C-Class sedan, and today we can finally present you images of a more powerful version of the model from Mercedes-AMG. How do we know that this is really a high-performance version of the premium German sedan? Just look at the size of the front brakes, with large calipers covering the drilled rotors.

 We have already seen a similar camouflage covering the front of the new AMG models, which subsequently received the Panamericana false radiator grille.

So this most likely means that this C-class prototype also has this design element, although the test car does not look as aggressive as one would expect from a version of the car with the C63 index. This makes us think that we are dealing with a less powerful version of the “charged” sedan – C43 or C53.

 Double tailpipes hiding under the rear of the car are likely to be integrated into the rear bumper. It seems that the prototype has all the serial parts of the body.

Although we cannot see what is happening inside the cabin, you can see a tablet-like screen of the infotainment system, which seems to no longer stick out of the dashboard. This can only mean that in the next C-class, the MBUX system will be integrated into the center console, as in the older E-Class and S-Class.

 Under the hood of the new items may be a 2.0-liter “M139” with a capacity of 416 horsepower to which an electric motor can add. The updated C-Class will debut before the end of this year, and the more powerful AMG version will appear in 2021.