The tests saw a prototype of the new Mercedes C-Class

The tests saw a prototype of the new Mercedes C-Class

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Some publications published photos from the tests of the new version of the Mercedes C-Class sedan. The official presentation of the new items should take place before the end of the year.

  Not a week goes by that we would not see at least one pair of so-called “spy” photos from tests of new Mercedes-Benz models. Just a couple of hours ago, we wrote about the updated E-Class Coupe, and today we have another “spy” video that you can share with you. The video shows a test sample of the updated C-Class sedan, which was located on public roads somewhere in Germany.

The prototype of the new C-Class, which will receive the internal designation W206, still has a lot of camouflage.

 At the moment, quite a bit can be said about the new product, besides the fact that its shape and size look relatively unchanged compared to the current “shop”, over time, of course, test samples can get significant changes in design.

Based on the updated version of the Mercedes MRA platform, the new C-Class should offer a wide range of engines, including traditional gasoline and diesel turbo engines, as well as at least one plug-in hybrid engine. Most likely, all internal combustion engines will use soft hybrid systems to reduce CO2 emissions when driving around the city. It is believed that the six-cylinder units will be completely new to the W206 generation.

 The new platform will bring other cool features, including a front suspension with double wishbone, which will be combined with a multi-link rear installation. Adaptive dampers should be available as additional options in more expensive trim levels.

 Several sources report that the new C-Class may debut at the Paris Motor Show this fall.