The tests saw a prototype of the electric crossover Mercedes EQB

The tests saw a prototype of the electric crossover Mercedes EQB

December 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The electric version of the compact German crossover went through a series of road tests in Sweden. The debut of the novelty is expected in the second half of next year, well, and the start of sales is unlikely to begin before 2021.

About two months after foreign journalists captured the test prototypes of the Mercedes-Benz EQB, the all-electric crossover again went to the test. This time, the team of engineers of the German brand chose to test the roads of snowy Sweden.

Unfortunately, Mercedes still does not allow us to take a better look at the design of the electric analogue of the compact GLB. However, this is not a big secret, since the new EQB will only slightly differ from the usual GLB – these changes will include a closed false radiator grille and a modified rear diffuser without exhaust pipes. The slightly redesigned headlights may also be slightly different from the version of the model that uses classic internal combustion engines.

Our insiders report that under the hood of the new EQB there will be the same electric power plant that the EQA concept crossover was equipped with – we are talking about two electric motors whose total power is about 268 horsepower (499 Nm).

We expect that all future electric models of the company, which will represent the compact car segment, will have the same engine.

 A relatively small EQB will receive a 60-kilowatt battery pack, which should provide a range of 500 kilometers in the basic version of the model. Despite the fact that the EQB looks almost ready for mass production, we do not expect its debut until the second half of next year. The start of sales of new items is likely to begin only in 2021.