The tests noticed an updated crossover Hyundai Santa Fe

The tests noticed an updated crossover Hyundai Santa Fe

February 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists captured the prototype of the updated South Korean crossover. The presentation of the novelty is unlikely to take place this year, most likely the serial version of the SUV will be shown in 2021.

The current generation of South Korean mid-size crossover debuted only two years ago, but it seems that Hyundai is already working on an updated version of the model. Since this is our first batch of “spy” images with the new Santa Fe, this means that the official debut of the machine is unlikely to happen in the near future – most likely the serial version of the machine will be shown next year.

 In these photos, it can be seen that the body of the prototype of the updated crossover is heavily disguised. This may lead some to believe that this is a completely new generation of the popular South Korean model, but no, this is not so – we are faced with restyling.

Most likely, the new product will receive a slightly updated appearance, as well as a couple of new options in the list of equipment. However, Kia and Hyundai have made some significant changes to the exterior of some of their latest models, which also positioned themselves as restyling. So it is possible that the new Santa Fe will nevertheless undergo some significant exterior changes.

 Halogen lamps on this test car look rustic of course, but this is just an early prototype of the new product. Although this is not visible in the published “spy” images, we know for sure that another test car of this crossover was recently noticed and it had LED daytime running lights in the shape of the letter “T”. It seems that the taillights, like the front and rear bumpers, will also change their appearance.