The tests noticed an unusual prototype supercar Ferrari 488

The tests noticed an unusual prototype supercar Ferrari 488

February 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Automobile publications published photos from tests of a rather unusual prototype Ferrari 488. The car received “high-voltage” stickers, which indicates that the car has an electrified engine under the hood.

The idea of ​​creating a hybrid sports car appeared at the leadership of Ferrari back in 2013 – it was then that we were shown a hybrid supercar Ferrari LaFerrari. Last May, the Italian brand introduced the SF90 Stradale, another 986 horsepower hybrid supercar. It seems that the guys from Ferrari realized how successful (in every sense) hybrid power plants can be.

 Spy photos of a partially disguised Ferrari 488 prototype with high-voltage stickers hint that the company’s engineering team is in full swing working on a new hybrid supercar.

 Unfortunately, not much can be said about the mysterious prototype Ferrari 488. This may be an early test version of the electrified 488 or even a completely new hybrid model, which in the current lineup of the company will be located one step below the SF90. In any case, the test car raises more questions than it answers.

 It is also not clear on the basis of which engine the prototype hybrid engine is based – V8 or V6. It is worth recalling that Ferrari announced plans to create a hybrid engine based on the V6. Unfortunately, there are no other details about this power plant. Also in the plans there is a Ferrari Purosangue crossover, which will be released next year and will receive a plug-in hybrid engine.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the Ferrari Stallone Concept or a worthy successor to the hybrid LaFerrari. This rendering shows the ideological receiver of Italy’s most powerful hybrid hypercar.