The tests captured the prototype of the revived SUV Ford Bronco

The tests captured the prototype of the revived SUV Ford Bronco

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists managed to capture the first test prototype of the Ford Bronco SUV in its three-door body. The official presentation of the machine may take place in the coming months.

About a month ago, foreign publications published photos of the revived American SUV Ford Bronco. The off-road legend of the last century will be presented in two versions – one will receive a small three-door body, and the other a longer one with five doors. This time, the journalists got exactly the shortened version of the new item. And yes, these were the very first shots of the prototype. The test car was covered with dense camouflage, but still he could not hide its square proportions.

These “spy” photos are very similar to the official image of “Baby” Bronco, which last year leaked to the Web.

It is noteworthy that the noticed prototype had a unique camouflage – the fact is that, usually, manufacturers use standard patterns for camouflage film, and here something new. Specialists of the American brand decided to use a wide variety of images – cycling, canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing and skiing.

Most car manufacturers would not think of using a unique camouflage design for a completely new car. Such a disguise often consists of stripes, swirls, dots, or plain black skin – everything that prevents prying eyes and cameras from capturing a car’s design ahead of time. There is a good chance that other automakers could follow Ford and create similar unique camouflage coatings.

Probably in a few months we will see a small version of the revived Bronco SUV, and after a while a larger Bronco will appear. Back in 2017, Ford announced that the car will be positioned as an 2020 model year SUV.