The Tesla Model S electric car drove over 640,000 km

The Tesla Model S electric car drove over 640,000 km

July 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American electric car Tesla Model S was able to travel a huge distance of 400 thousand miles, which is about 640 thousand kilometers. The car-record holder is in the staff of the Tesloop taxi service.

The electric car, serving American passengers, has overcome this distance during the three-year work. Representatives of Tesloop noted that thanks to the Model S 90D it was possible to save about 60 thousand dollars in fuel and maintenance of the machine.

During the whole period of operation, 19 thousand dollars were allocated for the maintenance of the electric car. According to rough estimates, this amount corresponds to three cents per kilometer. To repair the car took 6.7 thousand dollars, and for maintenance – 12.2 thousand dollars.

In the company of taxi Tesloop added that other cars with the same mileage are much more expensive. So, for example, the car Lincoln Town Car spends 14 centers per kilometer, and Mercedes GLS – 16 centers.

Currently, the American auto concern Tesla is going to modify an inexpensive electric vehicle Model 3, providing the model with an additional engine, an understated suspension and improved brakes. In this form, the brand plans to compete with the “pumped” sedan BMW M3.

Recently we reported that Tesla Model 3 traveled on its own 1000 km from one charge without a driver.