The Tesla electric wagon will be able to travel up to 1000 km without recharging.

The Tesla electric wagon will be able to travel up to 1000 km without recharging.

May 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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The Tesla Motors electric truck, which is currently known as Semi, will be able to drive up to 600 miles (966 kilometers) without recharging the batteries. This edition Electrek said the head of the American automaker Elon Musk.

Earlier in the Tesla gave other data relating to the maximum mileage of Semi trucks. So, it was reported that in the standard version Tesla Semi can drive up to 500 km, and in the top – up to 800 kilometers.

However, now, according to Mask, the company received other figures, which are based on the current information received during the intensive tests. Earlier, a video appeared on the Internet, in which it was shown for the first time how electric vehicles of Tesla Semi are being tested together with trailers. According to unofficial reports, the trucks delivered battery kits that are manufactured at the Gigafactory plant in Nevada.

The head of Tesla also said that at the moment about two thousand preliminary orders for the purchase of an electric wagon have been received by the company. According to preliminary data, the cost of Tesla Semi will be from 150 to 180 thousand dollars.

The first prototype of the Semi electric wagon was shown in November 2017. According to unofficial data, the serial model will be equipped with four units, the return of which is not yet specified. Without cargo, the wagon can accelerate from a place to 100 km / h in five seconds, and with a trailer weighing 40 tons – in 20 seconds.