The team bus of Scuderia Ferrari will be auctioned

The team bus of Scuderia Ferrari will be auctioned

January 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Iveco Domino Orlandi HDH photo

Auction house Bonhams will put up for the February auction in Paris a bus that previously belonged to the formula team Scuderia Ferrari. The current owner, who turned the bus into a house on wheels, plans to raise for him 125-250 thousand euros (8.8-10.5 million rubles).

The car is built on the basis of a 12-meter tourist bus Iveco Domino Orlandi HDH. It was used from 2001 to 2005 for strategic meetings and interviews. In the original configuration of the cabin, the bus was equipped with two rooms with a separate entrance.

Each of them was equipped with a TV, computer desk, satellite phone, Internet access, wardrobe, as well as a physiotherapy table for recovery after the race.

After the sale in 2009, the bus was equipped with a bathroom, a toilet, autonomous heating and air conditioning systems, a 220-volt diesel generator, a home theater and a double bed.

Domino Orlandi HDH is equipped with a 380-horsepower engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and an air suspension. The bus mileage is 90,000 kilometers.

In November last year, the auction house Sotheby’s sold the car Ferrari F2001, at which Michael Schumacher won the Grand Prix of Monaco and Hungary in 2001, for 7.5 million dollars. The Ferrari company offered the new owner the maintenance and storage of the car in the technical center of the brand in Maranello, and its transportation to any race track of the world.

Earlier we wrote that Ferrari is preparing the most powerful supercar with a V8 engine.

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