The Swiss presented an “aesthetic” sports car

The Swiss presented an “aesthetic” sports car

September 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the Grand Basel exhibition the Swiss company Pure H announced the project of a luxury sports car. According to the founder René Schmidl, the concept of the car is based on a more aesthetic rather than technological component: design, ideal proportions, general harmony, and a special approach to the choice of materials.

While Pure H exists only as a detailed model in the scale of 1:4 and 80-page application, describing the style, design and technological features of the two-door. The creators of the sports car have already consulted with several car dealerships about the possibilities of building a small batch of cars.

Presumably, the basis of Pure H will be a carbon chassis. It will also be the base for the track version of the machine and homologated electric prototype. The main emphasis in the development of the road machine will make for comfort and the possibility of daily use. In this Pure H will differ from hypercars, the purpose of which is to overcome existing technological limitations.

Within the framework of the Grand Basel, the presentation of the Lacoma Delta Integrale Futurista was also held. The car was built on the basis of a modification of the 16V, which completely replaced the body, altered the suspension and finalized the engine.

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