The sunken ship with cars continues to be sawed with a giant saw

The sunken ship with cars continues to be sawed with a giant saw

April 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Gallagher Marine continued cutting and scrapping the MV Golden Ray car carrier ship that wrecked on September 8, 2019 near the Port of Brunswick, Georgia, USA. There are 4.2 thousand Hyundai and Kia cars on the ship, of which only 220 were obtained.

According to the portal GCaptain, an operation is currently being carried out to align the cutting chain in the cutting groove of the seventh section. Recently it had to be refurbished as it had been cutting the engine room before, and this part of the MV Golden Ray has a reinforced structure that put additional stress on the blades.

Engineers were able to pull approximately 100 wrecked vehicles from the seventh section and 120 from the third from the car carrier ship. Also, drainage holes are drilled in it to drain leaked technical fluids from cars, as well as to balance the residues of MV Golden Ray.

The scrapping operation is now in its sixth month.

MV Golden Ray is a 200 meter long cargo ship that was built at the Hyundai Mipo shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea. A forensic analysis by the US Coast Guard showed that Golden Ray took 1,000 tons more cargo. Meanwhile, just before arriving in Brunswick, he dumped at least 1,500 metric tons of ballast water. This mass could counterbalance the severe heel experienced by the ship during its exit to the Atlantic Ocean.

At the same time, the vessel had a chance if the batch of Kia Telluride was loaded not on the upper, 12th deck out of 13, but on the lower tier. This could compensate for the discharged ballast water.

During the crash, none of the crew, which consisted of 24 people, was not injured.