The start of production of the Chevy Corvette C8 2020 coupe begins today, but …

The start of production of the Chevy Corvette C8 2020 coupe begins today, but …

February 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An Instagram video published last week shows that more than two dozen Corvettes are already waiting in line to go to their owners who have already paid in advance.

  The production of the new generation of the Corvette sports car, which now has a mid-engine layout, has finally begun. A couple of hours ago, the press service of the American brand Chevrolet officially announced the release of the first production C8.

However, this Instagram post posted a week ago shows at least 25 “corvettes” who are apparently already waiting for the right vehicle to go to the dealerships of the American automaker. Second, if the start of serial production of the iconic sports car was given just yesterday, then the question is, what kind of cars are these in the published video?

 At the moment, there are different theories regarding the origin of these copies of the Corvette C8 2020. According to rumors, Chevrolet has been building new “corvettes” over the past few months, although these cars are not cars for sale.

For some reason, this limited-edition batch is built up to full-scale production of a sports car. Technically, these would be production cars with corresponding VIN codes, but not ordered by dealerships. There is also a version that these copies of the Corvette C8 can be used by Chevrolet as an incentive for their dealers, as large dealerships can get three additional cars for sale.

 Another theory suggests that these Corvettes are the aforementioned test fleet vehicles awaiting shipment somewhere. The video clearly shows the places on the body, wrapped in what looks like pre-sale plastic, but this suggests that these cars are sent to car dealerships.