The Spirit of Ukraine electric bike failed to set a new speed record

The Spirit of Ukraine electric bike failed to set a new speed record

August 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ukrainian racer Sergey Malik assembled a motorcycle from scratch to participate in the festival “Speed ​​Week” in Bonneville, where he planned to surpass his last year’s result. However, the weather has inserted its own adjustments.

Bonneville is a dried salt lake in Utah. Every year since 1912, auto and motorcycle races have been held here between amateurs and professionals. Participants can present both modern powerful models and classic retro in competitions. This year Sergey Malik brought the The Spirit of Ukraine super-fast electric bike, easily developing 250 km / h.

At least he showed such speed on tests near Kiev. The motorcycle was assembled manually within two months, some parts were ordered from abroad (for example, a 408-hp motor-wheel), but something had to be created by ourselves.

Malik has been participating in competitions for several years, in 2017-2018 he showed the best result and planned to break his own record this time, setting the mark at 345 km / h. But his plans were not destined to come true – before the start of the race, heavy rain fell and the surface of the lake became loose and viscous.

 The start was postponed several times, and some of the participants refused to participate at all. The Ukrainian decided that he could not go and went on a journey. Accelerating to 240 km / h, he lost control of an electric bike and had an accident. The rider himself escaped with a bruised little finger, but his transport suffered much more and was not suitable for further participation.