The solar-powered road project failed miserably

The solar-powered road project failed miserably

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In France, a 1.6-kilometer stretch of solar panels collapsed on the Wattway. The track was in operation for only three years, but this time was enough for it to fail due to numerous tractors and bad weather, reports Le Monde.

Traffic in the first test section of Wattway, for the construction of which five million euros were spent, was launched in 2016. Then the Agency for Environment and Energy of France said that such a road could generate electricity for a village with a population of five thousand, and Wattway energized the lampposts in the city of Turouvre -o-Persh. But one by one, flaws in the coating of photocells, which occupied an area of ​​3,000 square meters, began to emerge.

Firstly, it turned out to be very noisy, as a result of which the local authorities had to limit the speed on the site to 70 kilometers per hour. Secondly, instead of the declared 150,000 kW / h of generated energy, by 2019 the road “gave out” only 40,000 kW / h, as a result of which the annual profit fell from 10,500 euros to 3,100 euros. It turned out that the decrease in efficiency is due to the fact that the Wattway has deteriorated – rains and tracked vehicles played a role.

Colas, which was responsible for the development of the solar panel road, acknowledged its blunder and announced that the Wattway would be dismantled. According to representatives of the company, they initially should not have laid a sheet of photocells on such a long section. It would be better to concentrate efforts on small areas of three, six or nine square meters – such sites would provide energy to road cameras and lighting of public transport stops. In its future projects, Colas intends to adhere to just such an approach.