The share of electric cars in the European Union reaches 7.2%

The share of electric cars in the European Union reaches 7.2%

September 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the second quarter of 2020, the share of the electric car market in the EU countries increased to 7.2% of total car sales, up from 2.4% in the same period last year.

These are the data of the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA). From April to June of this year, the registration of electric vehicles (ECV) increased by 53.3% – to 129,344 units. Plug-in hybrid (PHEV) sales increased 133.9% to 66,128 units. The growth in registrations of electric vehicles with batteries (BEV) is more modest (+ 12.7% or 63,216 units).

Despite a slight drop in the second quarter (-7.2%), hybrids remained the best-selling alternative vehicle type in the EU, with a total of 172,149 registered. – this is 9.6% of the car market of all cars in the European Union.

Sales of passenger vehicles running on alternative fuels – mainly ethanol (E85) and natural gas (NGV) – decreased by 50.5% from April to June this year. The main reason is the strong contraction of the Italian market, which is the largest for these fuels. Since 34 656 units were sold during the specified period, the share of alternative fuels in the car market in the second quarter of 2020 amounted to 1.9%.