The Sexy Lexy car stolen 28 years ago returned to its owner

The Sexy Lexy car stolen 28 years ago returned to its owner

October 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The police returned Australian Carol Richards to her pink Holden Torana, nicknamed Sexy Lexy, which was hijacked back in 1992.

According to the portal, it was possible to find the stolen car thanks to the oversight of the criminals and the careful work of law enforcement officers. It is noteworthy that the owner of Holden Torana, nicknamed Sexy Lexy, is now 74 years old.

Carol bought this car in 1973 and, apparently because of the extravagant color of the coupe, received the name Sexy Lexy. The Torana was used daily as the main car, but the auto lady did not deny herself the pleasure of participating in street races. Unfortunately, in 1992, the car was stolen from Richards’ home.

On the trail of the abducted Sexy Lexy, law enforcement agencies managed to attack only in 2016. The Victoria Police Department’s transportation unit “covered” a whole criminal syndicate that modified stolen cars, passing them off as rarer modifications, and also changed identification numbers and created fake documents. It turned out that the pink coupe was in the hands of these intruders.

After changing several owners, the car fell into the hands of a collector of Holden cars, who suspected a catch. Some errors were identified after the new owner contacted the insurance company.

The police managed to find one of those involved in the hijacking of the compartment. The perpetrator was a 50-year-old man who was sentenced to two years in prison and paid compensation in the amount of 560,000 local dollars. According to foreign media reports, Carol Richards came to the court hearings in the Sexy Lexy case only in pink clothes as a sign of respect for her car.

Experts say that at the moment such a Holden Torana costs about 90 thousand dollars. Carol Richards said that she would part with the returned car “only over my dead body.”