The secret of 50 years buried in the courtyard of the Ford House is revealed

The secret of 50 years buried in the courtyard of the Ford House is revealed

April 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the UK, it was possible to find the owners of half a century of Ford Popular 103e lying in the ground. The car was dug up by the British John Brayshaw, who decided to take up the improvement of his site during quarantine.

Recently, our portal told its readers the story of an old Ford car. John Braishaw, a resident of the British town of Hekmondwick, found a buried Ford Popular in the backyard of his house. The British faithfully tried to find the owner of the car, but his efforts were not crowned with success. Now, The Times has told what ended this unusual story. The car still revealed its secret.

 About the “buried” in the land of Ford from the news learned 91-year-old widow of World War II veteran Harold Liles Margaret. She phoned reporters, telling them that her husband owned the car.

 In Hekmondwijk, their family settled in the postwar years. Ford Popular, off the assembly line from 1955 to 1956, became their family car. At that time, this model was considered the most affordable. In 1964, a serious breakdown occurred, and Margaret’s husband, not wanting to pay for expensive disposal, decided to bury the car in the backyard. Six years later, Liles changed their place of residence, and another family took over the house, who did not know anything about the “treasure” in the backyard. John Brayshaw himself acquired this site only last year.