The restrictions for diesel cars entered In Germany

The restrictions for diesel cars entered In Germany

June 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Environmentalists around the world are struggling with automakers in the segment of diesel engines. Every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to support increasingly stringent standards, and German prohibitions on certain roads restricting diesel engines are being introduced.

Since the beginning of June 2018, Germany has introduced new restrictions for diesel engines. Now, on two sections of the country road at 580 meters and 1,600 meters, a ban on the operation of diesel engines was introduced.

However, it is separately noted that in the first phase, bans apply only to trucks that do not comply with the Euro-5 environmental standards. The second section provides for a ban also for cars, with a level of environmental friendliness of diesel engines below the Euro-6 standard.

Naturally, exceptions are made for car owners who fall under the ban, but who live in the region. For the rest, bypass roads are provided. For the first time, the local police will warn drivers about the ban, and will be limited only to warnings. After some time, fines will be introduced in the amount of 25 euro for a car vehicle, and 75 euro for a truck.

These bans became possible after the decision of the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig was promulgated, allowing the cities to restrict traffic for diesel cars. The purpose of these measures is to reduce the content of nitric oxide in the air.

“It is not enough to make less polluted only a few hundred meters of the street.” “Cleaner air for all can be achieved only by allowing a small number of cars to enter the central districts of the cities,” Greenpeace representative Niklas Shinerl said.

And the Minister of Transport of Germany Andreas Scheuer hopes that such a precedent will not become an occasion for the emergence of new mass bans. The introduction of such bans on the territory of Russia is very doubtful, at least in the near future.

In the meantime, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has calculated the damages caused by frauds with exhaust indicators, the volumes of which amaze with their scale.