The rental service outfitted its cars with giant medical masks

The rental service outfitted its cars with giant medical masks

July 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The rental Such a spectacular move was made by the American firm Turo, specializing in the exchange of cars. With its help, car owners can rent out their vehicles. The giant mask in this case reminds of personal protection during the coronavirus pandemic.

Users of the Turo service can dress their cars in huge medical masks: such an accessory is attached to the bumper and outside mirrors.

With its help, the authors of the idea not only remind about the need to use personal protective equipment, but also indicate the safety of travel in rented cars. Carsharing and rental cars are carefully monitored, observing all the necessary safety measures.

So, in Turo, taking care of the health of its customers, they prepared special instructions for disinfecting cars, and also launched a new contactless algorithm for transferring the car to the tenant.

As for the mask itself, it does not affect the operation of the car in any way. The masks are made of a special “breathable” material that does not impede the flow of air to the radiator grille.

Before launching a new accessory to the masses, the company tested it, having received confirmation of the safety of such a mask for any car.
We will remind, earlier our portal told that the largest car rental service Hertz went bankrupt. The American firm was unable to cope with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic – customers stopped renting cars.ervice outfitted its cars with giant medical masks