The renderer for the high-performance Jaguar F-Type SVR 2021 is published

The renderer for the high-performance Jaguar F-Type SVR 2021 is published

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Artist Nikita Aksenov published his vision of the British F-Type sports coupe in a more powerful version of the SVR. So far, the management of the Jaguar company has no plans to release such a performance of the machine.

Earlier this month, the British company Jaguar introduced an updated version of its two-door supercar F-Type – the car received an exterior with smoother lines. Along with the new appearance, the sports car now boasts a new, more powerful version, which has received the designation F-Type R. Under the hood of this new version is a 575-horsepower V8 SVR engine.

It is already known that the new F-Type will no longer be offered in the most productive version of SVR. But, as often happens, there were people who decided to independently imagine what the updated F-Type SVR 2021 of the model year would look like.

This render was created by our talented compatriot Aksyonov Nikita. The artist decided to keep most of the new car design. He added not so many elements that usually distinguished SVR-performance models of the British brand. As a result, the car got an even more aggressive appearance.

 The most noticeable difference from the existing F-Type R is the huge rear wing. There are also many carbon fiber elements in SVR rendering. At the rear of the car is a massive rear diffuser, which is also made of carbon fiber with equally huge quadrangular tailpipes.

 We are very grateful that Jaguar will continue to offer a more powerful version of the F-Type R. It is known that this performance of the sports coupe can accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, while the maximum speed is electronically limited to 299 km / h There is no doubt that in the case of the high-performance Jaguar F-Type SVR, these numbers would be much higher.