The render showed a Toyota Tundra pickup truck “on anabolic steroids”

The render showed a Toyota Tundra pickup truck “on anabolic steroids”

June 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Fans of the Japanese brand are waiting for the release of a new generation of Toyota Tundra pickup. In the meantime, a curious render of the new product hit the Network: in this figure, the pickup tried on more aggressive proportions.

Toyota has repeatedly mentioned the next-generation Toyota Tundra pickup. They also spoke about the brand’s plans to electrify the new product (Tundra Hybrid) so that it could compete with Ford, General Motors and Fiat pickups. But about the appearance of a heavy-duty version of the pickup, nothing was heard. Now, a “fresh” render of the future news has hit the Web – the image has appeared in WB.artist20 Instagram account.

The author of the render noticeably increased the dimensions of the popular truck, making it larger and wider. We see the Toyota Tundra “on anabolics”: a huge radiator grill, an enlarged hood (more space would require a Cummins diesel engine), grown headlights, large mirrors, wide rear fenders and more embossed stampings. The pickup truck did not spoil the excessive muscularity: such heavy trucks are successfully introducing Ford and GM into their model lines. And customers like it.

Recall, with the current Toyota Tundra pickup truck fans have been familiar for 13 years. Now, finally, the model waited for a generation change. The next Tundra should move to a new platform. Under its hood, a two-cylinder 3.5-liter V6 engine from Lexus can be located.