The release of a GM autonomous vehicle may be postponed

The release of a GM autonomous vehicle may be postponed

October 27, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Despite major investments and assurances that the roboсar will enter the market as early as next year, there is reason to think that the dates will move.

The development of the unmanned electric vehicle division of GM Cruise is engaged, and the model itself was named Cruise AV. Over the past six months, the company has agreed with Softbank and Honda to invest five billion dollars in the project. Yes, and General Motors itself assured that the car will appear on the market as early as 2019, moreover, at the same time it will begin to beat off the funds invested in it.

But, as Drive writes, citing Reuters, the division has technical problems that will make it difficult for the new product to be released within the specified time frame. And these problems concern the recognition system. In some cases, the car can not distinguish a moving object from a stationary.

That is, after seeing the parked motorcycle, the drone cannot decide on subsequent actions and simply stops. Sometimes he does not recognize pedestrians and sees non-existent bikes, which also leads to braking. The data from the sensors sometimes reach with a delay, and the sirens and flashing lights of special vehicles still do not cause any reaction to the system.

Experts believe that the possibility of commercializing the project next year is unlikely. This is evidenced by the lack of applications for tests with passengers, test trips and in general any tests on the streets of public use.