The release dates of all-wheel drive Camry and Avalon

The release dates of all-wheel drive Camry and Avalon

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

All-wheel drive versions of Toyota Camry and Avalon sedans promise to be a bestseller.

Perhaps the best demonstration of the flexibility of the architecture of the TNGA platform is how Toyota’s North American engineering division added four-wheel drive for two sedans as an update. Initially, the Toyota Camry 2020 and Toyota Avalon 2021 model year designs were not designed for AWD installation, but the presence of the third co-platform brother Toyota RAV4, which really had four-wheel drive, significantly simplified the process of designing and purchasing parts. So Toyota added AWD to mid-cycle reinforced Camry and Avalon.

Many parts are used in conjunction with the RAV4, including a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, gearbox and transfer case, rear differential, as well as the rear suspension and rear suspension traction. The middle and rear parts of the driveshaft are also common, with the front part varying in length to accommodate three different wheelbases. All gear ratios and axles are also identical to ensure that the engine can pull extra weight.

After installing all the necessary components, the exhaust system lowered slightly, but thanks to new springs, the body was raised by 0.2 inches to maintain the same ground clearance as that of the newly installed exhaust.

In the interior, in addition to a slight bulge in the central part of the tunnel of the passenger zone, you can notice an extremely small difference in AWD models relative to mono-drive sedans. Trunk volume has not changed, but the revised floor increases rear space by the same 0.4 inches as in hybrid models, reducing headroom by the same amount in both cars.

Production of an updated version of the Toyota Camry will be launched in March and, according to experts, the all-wheel drive modification will be a hit for dealers this spring, while the Toyota Avalon 2021 model year will go on sale this fall.

Pricing has not yet been completed, but, according to preliminary information, AWD will be available on four-cylinder Camry LE and higher as a separate option at a price of about $ 1,500. Buyers of Avalon are most likely to expect AWD, installed free on four-cylinder versions, versions with V6 or limited editions. Thus, you will have to spend from 27 425 to 32 460 dollars for the purchase of Camry AWD and from 36 830 to 43 130 dollars – for Avalon AWD.