The reaction of riders to expand the MotoGP 2022 calendar to 22 races

The reaction of riders to expand the MotoGP 2022 calendar to 22 races

September 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

By 2022, the MotoGP championship wants to expand to 22 races by reducing the number of tests. During the Grand Prix of Misano, many riders spoke on this subject, and opinions were divided.

In any case, Dorna Sports has already approved the current plan: in 2022 there will be 22 races. According to rumors, Carmelo Espeleta and his team are working on a return to the Portuguese Grand Prix calendar and on the organization of the Southeast Asian Grand Prix. Next year, the calendar should replenish the Grand Prix of Finland, where they are completing the construction of a new KimiRing track.

So, we suggest reading the opinion of the pilots.

Maverick Vinales: “There will be fewer tests. Well, we will have more races, I like it, but then it will take more rest. Race, race, race, race. In such a topic, the body does not have time to recover, that is, it will be very difficult for us. I really like to race, so I like this idea. In any case, everyone will be in the same conditions, have to adapt. In such circumstances, fewer tests are good news. “

Paul Espargaro: “Not only for us, but for all the families of those who work here. All these races mean that people will be more days away from home. Nobody wants it, but it is our job. More races means more people will see us, which is very good. To be honest, I would like to spend more time at home, but if my boss asks me, I’ll tell him that more tests are needed ”

Fabio Cuartararo: “Honestly, this is not a problem for me. I like to ride these motorcycles. I like it the most in life. I love to ride a racing motorcycle for tests, practices, qualifications and workouts. Enjoy every moment in the saddle like a child. ”