The rarest Lincoln Mark VIII with a powerful V8 Ford engine is on sale at auction

The rarest Lincoln Mark VIII with a powerful V8 Ford engine is on sale at auction

August 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American Lincoln Mark VIII coupe, which these days will be sold at the Mecum auction, was built by Ford back in 1993. The maximum speed of the car could reach 294.45 km / h.

Later this month, a rather rare luxury coupe, the 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII, will be auctioned at Mecum. The fact is that this is far from the usual version of the model. It is a pre-production prototype built by Ford to test and validate the capabilities of its new V8 engine, a modular 4.6-liter engine that will be used for several FoMoCo products.

Ford made several modifications to the car, including adding a roll cage.

Changes include removing the rear brakes and replacing the catalytic converters with a true dual-exhaust system. According to the sale announcement, the automatic transmission featured high clutch clearances, no wobbling, unbalanced rotating parts and a few other “features.” The suspension has also been redesigned, reducing the vehicle’s ride height by a whopping 5.08cm.

Ford tested this particular car in the Bonneville salt flats, where test driver Holly Hedrich accelerated the car to 294.017 km / h in a two-way race, setting a speed record. The dynamometer rated the power of the 4.6-liter engine in the range from 290 to 205 horsepower.

The outside of the Lincoln looks like a regular Mark VIII. Of course, the bonnet pins indicate a certain unusualness of the car, but otherwise, this coupe looks quite ordinary. Usually, until you move inside and try to get into the driver’s seat through the roll cage. A fire suppression system is also installed in the back seat.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the prestigious Lincoln MKZ sedan was discontinued. The American automaker has announced that the sleek model has been completed. In the brand’s lineup, it was a luxury mid-size passenger car.