The racing version of the supercar Gordon Murray T.50 will debut on February 22

The racing version of the supercar Gordon Murray T.50 will debut on February 22

February 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Very soon, Gordon Murray will unveil the T.50 version of its supercar intended for use on the track. Dubai will take place on February 22. The car received an upgraded engine and less weight.

On February 22, the American company Gordon Murray Automotive will officially unveil its version of the previously shown supercar T.50s – the car is designed to drive fast on the race track, and although the teaser photo published by the company’s press service does not really show us much, it hints at an important the role of “airflow and downforce in the T.50s universe”.

It is worth saying that the regular version of the T.50 is already an impressive car in every sense, with active aerodynamics – the T.50 boasts a fan that literally pulls the car into the road.

The 15.75-inch rear fan spins at 7,000 rpm and, along with other aerodynamic components in the car, can literally double the downforce generated when braking. We don’t know if any changes to the fan design are expected, but the massive rear wing and center stabilizer extending rearward from the roof will create over 1,361 kg of downforce. Keep in mind that the street version of the car only weighs 986kg.

The track version of the T.50 will be significantly lighter than a conventional supercar – the three-seater saloon is devoid of everything but the essentials. The T50 is powered by a 4.0 liter V12 engine with over 720 horsepower.

Not so long ago, AutoTImesNews wrote that Gordon Murray compared the GMA T.50 supercar with the French Alpine A110. British engineer and GMA founder Gordon Murray compares his new supercar to the French Alpine A110 supercar. According to him, the novelty will be able to bring the use of supercars on public roads and race tracks to a completely new level.