The queue for the Toyota Land Cruiser stretches for 4 years

The queue for the Toyota Land Cruiser stretches for 4 years

August 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of the Japanese brand assumed a rush of demand for the model Toyota Land Cruiser 300, but no one was preparing for such an influx of orders.

The line for the new frame SUV Toyota Land Cruiser has been stretched for 4 years already – the Best Car has shared such data. The presentation of the new product took place quite recently – during the event it was said about the expectation of high demand for the model.

However, the demand has exceeded the original plan. At the time of the start of serial production of the car, it was said about 5 thousand copies per year, but already now the number of pre-orders has exceeded 20 thousand units. Thus, those who place an order will be the last to wait for their turn for about 4 years.

Nevertheless, it is hard to believe in such an alignment – most likely, the volume of production will be able to increase.

The only obstacle to this is the lack of semiconductors – all configurations of the new Toyota Land Cruiser are equipped with a digital instrument panel and an advanced multimedia system.

It is with this that the not the highest production plan at the initial stage could be associated.

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