The prototype of the updated crossover Mercedes GLA 2020 is seen on tests

The prototype of the updated crossover Mercedes GLA 2020 is seen on tests

July 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that the new version of the German compact crossover is ready to take off all the disguise and go to the auto show for the world premiere.

The first crossover of the German brand Mercedes was introduced in 1997 – we are talking about the mid-size Mercedes-Benz M-Class. Over the 22 years that have passed since then, the company’s lineup has “blossomed”, incorporating many models of all shapes and sizes to fill almost every segment and niche of the current car market. The smallest of the company’s available crossovers – GLA, has become very popular.

 The prototype of the updated GLA, which will be positioned as a 2020 model year crossover, is still under camouflage film. It is reported that the car has already received almost all of its serial parts and is undergoing developmental tests.

 Chunky wheel arches and higher ground clearance mean that the car will become a little more capable of overcoming difficult terrain, although we are almost certain that very few GLA instances were chosen for real off-road conditions. After all, in fact, this crossover is an A-class hatchback, of increased size.

  Given that company models such as the A-class hatchback / sedan, GLB or CLA, in fact, have the same interior, our logic tells us that the new GLA will follow the same high-tech recipe that was applied to the minivan B -class.

  It is reported that the next-generation prestigious GLA crossover will inherit almost the entire motor range from its “brother” – the compact A-class hatchback, up to the more powerful derivative versions of the AMG 35, 45 and 45 S – the power of the latter is 416 hp

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new crossover Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 was 385-hp. New slightly modified and received a number of technical improvements. It is available in the form of a conventional crossover, as well as the popular today coupe.