The prototype of the new hybrid Ferrari appears in the web

The prototype of the new hybrid Ferrari appears in the web

September 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Presumably, in a series the hybrid car can go already in following year

The site TheSupercarBlog published photos of an unusual test mule Ferrari, which is probably equipped with some hybrid power plant. This may indicate additional air intakes on the engine compartment cover, as well as cables in orange braid, which can be seen at the rear of the car.

The rest of the test prototype is similar to the production Ferrari 458 Italia, which is equipped with a 4.5-liter atmospheric V8 engine. The delivery of the unit is 570 horsepower and 540 Nm of torque. From a place up to 100 kilometers per hour, the 458 Italia is capable of overclocking in 3.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 325 kilometers per hour.

In March, the former head of the Italian brand Sergio Marchionne confirmed the work on the hybrid installation based on the V8. The first serial model with the new unit should appear next year. The system will be more traditional and not as complex as on LaFerrari.

The latter is equipped with a 800-horsepower V12 volume of 6.3 liters and a HY-KERS system, which consists of an electric motor, a power electronics unit and a battery pack. Total return – 963 hp and 900 Nm of torque. The box is a seven-speed “robot” with two clutches.

The circulation of the super hybrid was 500 cars in the coupe and 210 in the open version of the Aperta. The last copies of the cars sold at auction for seven and ten million dollars, respectively.