The prototype of the new generation of the BMW 7 Series Hybrid sedan was spotted on tests

The prototype of the new generation of the BMW 7 Series Hybrid sedan was spotted on tests

July 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The journalists published photos and a video showing camouflaged prototypes of the new generation of the BMW 7 Series Hybrid executive sedan, as well as its all-electric i7. The cars were spotted at the Nurburgring.

BMW is actively testing the next-generation 7 Series sedan. This interesting video shows two different prototypes of the Bavarian novelty driving along the Nürburgring. The video says these are hybrid cars, but we believe at least one of them is an all-electric i7.

We’ve seen prototypes of the 7 Series in Hell Green quite often, but the i7 is a rarity in these places.

The last prototype of the latter was seen in February 2021, and now we see a test sample of this electric vehicle, on the doors and trunk of which the labels inherent in prototypes with electric motors are clearly visible. We’ve also noticed that all i7 prototypes have an E suffix on the license plate, so this may be an easy way to identify these heavily disguised models in the future. You can also note the absence of exhaust pipes.

Filler headlights, reminiscent of the 8 Series headlights, are visible from the front, while the taillights still look like temporary solutions. Compared to recently seen 7 Series prototypes, the i7 prototype has a different camouflage on the nose, and heavier coatings hide all but the largest body parts. We do expect the i7 to be noticeably different from the usual combustion-powered 7, and the EV luxury sedan is rumored to boast up to 650 horsepower thanks to its large battery pack and twin motors that power all four wheels.

The new generation of the 7 Series sedan is rumored to receive a significant technology upgrade over the current car. Previous observations of prototypes have shown that there are various cameras crammed around the car, suggesting that the new car could get a Level 3 autonomous control system. A cabin with digital screens similar to the i4 Gran Coupe should be offered as standard.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that renders of the new BMW X7 with separate headlights based on spy photos are presented. A test prototype of the largest SUV in the model range of the Bavarian brand a couple of days ago showed two-tiered optics in spy shots. It is this visual material that forms the basis of the new visualization of the BMW X7.