The prototype of the new Audi SQ3 was seen at the Nurburgring

The prototype of the new Audi SQ3 was seen at the Nurburgring

July 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to insiders, a new version of the charged crossover can get a motor, up to 340 horsepower. Judging by the published spyware video, the prototype of the novelty received excellent controllability and excellent dynamic characteristics.

Thanks to those photos of a completely new compact crossover Audi Q3, which with an enviable constancy appear on the Internet, we already have an idea about the appearance of the long-awaited German novelty.

Traditionally, the German automaker is going to present 2 high-performance versions of its new crossover – it’s about the charged SQ3 and the hot RS Q3. Literally a couple of hours ago, the journalists managed to capture the prototype of the first one. It is reported that the car wound around the German track Nürburgring.

Due to the fact that the car was completely covered with camouflage film, it is not possible to see the details of its appearance to great regret. However, we could still see something.

Well, firstly, you can see that the captured prototype is understated – this is clearly done for the sake of improving controllability (low center of gravity). Secondly, you can notice the fact that both the wheel disks and brake calipers have become larger in size.

In the front of the car is worth noting the large air vents that are at the corners of the bumper, as well as the lower located diffuser. In the rear of the charged SQ3 there are 2 twin exhaust pipes – apparently, the car received a high-performance system, which is equipped with modifications of serial models with the prefix S \ RS.

We believe that under the hood of the charged novelty will be an updated version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, the maximum power of which will be from 300 to 340 horsepower. According to rumors, a more powerful RS Q3 can get a motor with power up to 400 hp.

The new crossover Audi Q3 will be presented this fall, and will go on sale later this year. Accordingly, more powerful versions of the novelty will appear later.