The prototype of the new 600-hp Audi RS7 is photographed

The prototype of the new 600-hp Audi RS7 is photographed

December 22, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

The edition of Car published photos of the test prototype of the “charged” Audi RS7 of the new generation, which was captured in Sweden during tests in cold climates. The premiere of the serial version of the car will take place next year.

The most powerful version of the model is tested under the body of an ordinary Audi A7, but with slight differences. The “charged” car can be recognized by the large oval exhaust pipes, extended wheel arches and huge carbon-ceramic brakes with calipers that can also be found on Lamborghini supercars.

According to the magazine Car, RS7 will be offered with an eight-cylinder engine with two turbines, giving out about 600 horsepower. Also there will be a sports package Performance, with which the return will increase to about 640 forces.

Previously, it was also assumed that the model will receive a version with a 710-strong hybrid power plant built on the basis of a 550-strong eight-cylinder engine.

The usual Audi A7 debuted in October. The model is built on a modular platform MLB Evo, it can be equipped with a fully-controlled chassis and a full drive. The power plant is a 340-hp six-cylinder engine 3-liter that works in tandem with a seven-speed preselective transmission. Later the range of motors will expand.