The prototype of the first Lotus Lotus crossover was first spotted for testing.

The prototype of the first Lotus Lotus crossover was first spotted for testing.

June 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first in the history of the British brand crossover was “dressed” in the body of the crossover company Lynk & Co. The prototype did not have exhaust pipes.

Here, you most likely see the first “spy” photos, which depict the world’s first sports crossover brand Lotus. The car really looks like a crossover prototype of the Sino-Swedish company Lynk & Co, but a few small details tell us that this is indeed a mule for a new British brand.

Journalists report that the photos were taken “on the roads around the headquarters of the Lotus company in Hetele (England)”. The brand now belongs to the Chinese brand Geely, which also owns Volvo and Lynk & Co. Previous rumors suggested that the Lotus crossover would borrow its architecture from a Swedish manufacturer.

Although we cannot confirm this rumor at the moment, we can see that the prototype has wheel arches that are slightly extended to accommodate larger wheels. In addition, the gauge looks slightly enlarged, which may indicate the dimensions of the future Lotus crossover.

However, the most interesting part is in the back, where there are no exhaust pipes. Although this may mean that this test machine is fully powered by electricity, we believe that it is a plug-in hybrid.

 It’s too early to say for sure, but Lotus can benefit from the hybrid technology developed by Volvo. Jean-Marc Gales, the company’s CEO, hinted at this more than a year ago.

It is believed that the German Porsche Cayenne is considered by Lotus engineers as the benchmark for the segment, and the team working on the crossover will try to maximize the performance characteristics of the German model.