The prototype of the “charged” convertible BMW M4 2022 almost lost its camouflage

The prototype of the “charged” convertible BMW M4 2022 almost lost its camouflage

October 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists managed to capture a prototype of the updated BMW M4 in the back of a convertible. The vehicle received much less camouflage than before.

Seeing the new M4 Coupe and M440i Convertible (the name given to the automaker’s convertibles), one can imagine what the new open-top M4 would look like. This test car had a conventional exhaust system with four tailpipes, but we know that a version of the model will be available that will get the tailpipes located in the middle of the rear bumper. The enlarged false radiator grille looks just as strange as on the coupe version of the model.

The 2022 convertible will receive a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine producing 473 horsepower (550 Nm).

The more powerful Competition version will boast 503 hp. (650 Nm). Both versions of the novelty are equipped with rear-wheel drive, however, for the BMW M4 Competition with an automatic transmission, the xDrive all-wheel drive system with rear-wheel drive mode will be available.

While the updated M4 coupe starts at $ 71,800 in the United States, the M4 convertible will be slightly more expensive. Consequently, a hotter Competition version will cost more than the $ 72,800 BMW wants for the M3 Competition and $ 74,700 for the M4 Competition Coupe.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that a prototype of a “charged” 2022 BMW X4 M crossover was seen on tests. For the first time, journalists have captured an updated version of the powerful crossover BMW X4 M. The car will receive a redesigned appearance, as well as numerous internal innovations. The presentation of the high-performance SUV can be expected next year.