The process of creating toy copies of real Skoda models

The process of creating toy copies of real Skoda models

October 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

SKODA has talked in detail about the manufacturing process of the exact toy copies of its real models. As it turned out, their creation is not so simple, and even very interesting.

Opening doors, a trunk and a hood, the interior that completely repeats the interior of a real car, real tires with branded rims, chassis details … All the elements of a toy car surprise not only children, but also adults. And in the production process, the models are no less interesting.

Czech car manufacturer Skoda spoke in detail about the nuances of creating small toy copies of their real models. According to the company, the production process begins with the fact that Abrex receives three-dimensional model data from the company itself. Further, according to 3D-drawings, all forms and elements of the future toy model are created.

 Moreover, the body has to constantly adjust and change the proportions, in comparison with the original, as each designer sees them in his own way.

In the manufacture of toy models of Skoda cars, four main forms of metal toys are used, all other parts are made of plastic.

 In the final part of the assembly, small copies of cars are manually painted due to the copper template. It covers parts that do not need to be painted. After painting, the metal case connects to the plastic chassis, interior and glass. It turns out a finished toy copy of a real model.