The probability of overtaking will be estimated live

The probability of overtaking will be estimated live

November 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Speaking at Amazon Web Services Re: Invent 2018, Formula 1 sports director Ross Braun spoke about how cloud computing technologies will be used next year in Formula 1 broadcasts.

In particular, having information about temperature and wear of tires on all cars, they will allow to assume a probability of overtaking even before the racers enter the fight. Moreover, this information is not available to the teams – they only have data about their cars.

Ross Brown: “The technology of prediction and analysis of real-time data allows us to calculate the probability of an event – and we will be able to use it during live broadcasts. The teams do not have all this data, and we have information from all the machines and we can do such comparisons.

We will be able to show tire wear, we will help fans to understand if there is a problem with a particular rider, why the team held a pit stop at this moment, whether the chosen strategy is right. We will show all this information to the viewers”.