The price of a fully electric bike Arc Vector has become known

The price of a fully electric bike Arc Vector has become known

June 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The model intends to release into mass production next year. However, sales will be small. In the first 18 months it is planned to assemble under the order only 399 Arc Vector motorcycles.

The assembly will be carried out at a factory in South Wales in the UK. The cost of an electric motorcycle will start at 90,000 pounds or $ 114,000.

The company calls its bike “the world’s most advanced electric motorcycle with the Human Interface technology, carbon fiber monocoque, racing wheels and much more.”

It was developed so that the motorcycle had enough power, but at the same time it was easy to use and gave pleasure as when traveling around the city, on the highway.

“The system we developed provides the bike with improved control at low speed. For Vector, we have created a system that has all the advantages of HCS technology, but allows you to quickly change direction and maintain stability at high speed. We took the best and got rid of the shortcomings of the old technologies” – the company notes.

The electrical system generates 133 hp and 148 Nm of torque. Motorcycle weight is 220 kg. Thus, it is heavier than most ordinary sports models. However, it can accelerate to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. The maximum speed is 201 km / h. The maximum range reaches 623 km. On average, without recharging, he is able to walk about 435 km. On the highway Arc Vector is able to drive about 370 km. In a city where regenerative braking is used, the range is increased.