The prestigious crossover Lincoln Aviator got heated wiper blades

The prestigious crossover Lincoln Aviator got heated wiper blades

December 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Engineers of the American brand offer their luxury crossover with heated windshield wipers. The new system helps melt glass completely in just a couple of minutes.

All new cars have heated rear windows, some have heated front seats, while others even have side mirrors that can be heated, but none of them can compare with the luxurious Lincoln Aviator. The mid-size crossover from the American brand is now offered with additional heated VisioBlade wipers, which are designed to help fight even the most “icy” windshields.

There are many ways to judge how luxurious a car really is. Such indicators as its price, power and noise level in the cabin come to mind. But my favorite way to measure a luxury car is to figure out how many heated surfaces are offered.

 When you look at luxury executive cars, you will find heated front and rear seats, a steering wheel, side mirrors and windshield washer nozzles. Well, options such as windshield wiper warmers elevate automobile comfort to a whole new level.
Representatives of Lincoln claim that its optional VisioBlade wiper system can heat from sub-zero temperatures to 30 degrees Celsius in just 4 minutes.

 These innovative wipers are also equipped with integrated washer nozzles for more efficient use of washer fluid. According to carmaker engineer Jeffrey Johnson, “the liquid is sprayed right at the edge of the wiper, unlike traditional systems that spray it onto the entire windshield,” he said. “You use 50 percent less fluid than the traditional system and improve your vision both day and night.”

 In Lincoln tests, it takes more than 15 minutes to melt the ice that has formed on the windshield in the traditional way. Lincoln’s VisioBlade wiper system can melt ice more than three times faster.