The premiere of Arc Vector will be held at Goodwood

June 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Cafe-raiser was first shown last year at EICMA, and now he is going to make his debut at the festival of speed. What’s funny, the sensational novelty will arrive there still not in the production version.

The festival will be held from July 4 to July 7, and traditionally it will host races on the hill, at which the electric Vector will demonstrate its capabilities. Twice a day, Mark Truman, the company’s founder and CEO, will pilot his brainchild throughout the event.

 He called Goodwood an ideal place for an illustrative ride of the Vector: “There will be about 150 thousand people here, so we will have a chance to show everyone that we are working on something unique – an electric neo-cafe-racer.”

“The most advanced electrocycle in the world”, as the manufacturer says about him, will be released only next summer. Recall that it is based on a 399-volt electric motor with 133 hp and 148 Nm. In the mixed mode, he will be able to go as much as 435 km on a single charge, and will be charged only 45 minutes. Well, the company has a lot of time to finalize it, if they suddenly want it.