The Porsche 911 can get a power boost in kilowatts

The Porsche 911 can get a power boost in kilowatts

November 19, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

The Stuttgart brand can go in the footsteps of its rivals and add a hybrid component to its Opposite power units for the classic 911 sports car.

This is reported by the Automotive News portal with a link to their sources. According to them, such an approach is related to the strategy of the Volkswagen Group concerning the move towards hybrid options for the entire line of models controlled by the concern brands, which was previously allocated 24 billion dollars.

According to Automotive News, the hybrid component will appear under the hood of the Porsche 911 eighth generation, which will be presented at the end of 2018.

At the moment, Porsche designers and engineers are working on a hybrid power plant, as they are faced with the task of investing 70 kilograms of weight, so as not to radically impair the vehicle’s handling.

It is known about the electrical component that it will include not only a starter generator and batteries that supply airborne electronics and an air conditioning system in traffic, but also an electric motor capable of smoothly accelerating the car.

However, nothing is reported about the characteristics of the power plant, since they are not yet approved.