The popularity of internal combustion engines peaked in 2018

The popularity of internal combustion engines peaked in 2018

January 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to forecasts of leading analytical companies, in the coming years, fewer and fewer vehicles will be sold, equipped with traditional internal combustion engines running on gasoline or diesel fuel.

Many large car manufacturers are already hard at work electrifying their model lines – either hybrid engines are created, in which conventional internal combustion engines work with electric motors, or completely electric power units. They are great, care about the environment! Yes, but not quite. The fact is that in recent times, quite harsh rules are being applied on the norms of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and it becomes more and more difficult for ordinary ICEs to comply with them.

Nevertheless, the usual internal combustion engines (gasoline or diesel) for a long time will continue to play a major role in the automotive industry.

We are talking about at least the next two decades. Foreign experts claim that the peak of the popularity of such engines has already passed – it came last year.

 Analysts from the reputable company Financial Times published their detailed report on car sales from ICE. Judging by it, hardly in the world will ever be sold the same vehicle with gasoline / diesel engines.

  It is expected that in 2019 global sales of cars, which have an internal combustion engine under the hood, will not decrease, as it is expected that the share of electric cars in the global volume of car sales will increase fourfold to 1.6%. According to experts, sales of vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines may fall significantly in sales, and in the coming years.

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