The policeman detained the driver who was driving too slowly.

The policeman detained the driver who was driving too slowly.

June 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The sergeant told about this on his page on Twitter and immediately found a lot of fans. And he just wanted to remind people that slow driving is also dangerous.

Sergeant Stephen Willees, a member of the Indiana Police Information Department in the Versailles District, USA, published a photo of a car he had stopped for violating a law passed in 2015 that punishes those who travel slowly along the left lane of the road.

“Today I stopped this car for violating the rules of driving the left lane on the I-65 highway. The driver of the slow-moving boat assembled about 20 cars, which were forced to slow down speed, because the slug did not return to the right lane. Again … if you are followed by vehicles that are traveling at a higher speed, you have to shift to the right lane to skip them, “he wrote in the social network.

He was immediately called a hero, and his post received thousands of likies and outposts on Twitter and became viral.

American racer IndyCar Graham Rahal commented on this entry: “This guy is my hero. And slow-moving on the roads is one of my biggest disappointments! “He was briefly supported by former defender Dallas Cowboys Troy Haykman recording:” Finally! “.

Flushed with such attention to his person, Willes replied: “I’m overwhelmed with feelings, you’re all amazing! I’m just trying to do my job well, so that roads become safer for people. In this case, since some drivers are moving much slower than the lower limit of the permissible speed, road traffic is forced to adjust to them. The other cars slow down and because of this, in the end, many of our accidents happen. ”

However, then he explained that he does not call for driving on the roads.

So what is the law of 2015, which guided the sergeant? This law prohibits going to the left lane and was put in place to prevent slow speeds from interfering with other traffic participants, the portal writes. This does not mean that you can not use the left band at all, you can go to it to go round the obstacle or overtake, and then you need to get right to the right. The calculation here is simple – even if you are fast, there will always be someone who will move faster. If you are constantly replicating a replacement, a self-employed car or a special service vehicle can steadily puff up a mime, which will excite everyone in the house movement before the place of destination as quickly as possible. If you do not do this, the traffic will slow down, which eventually leads to either a crash or an accident.