The police found the criminals through a drawing of a pickup truck

The police found the criminals through a drawing of a pickup truck

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nine-year-old girl painted a very accurate identikit of the car

American police were able to go on the trail of criminals who stole parcels from the porches of local residents, thanks to a very accurate picture of a nine-year-old girl. Her sketch was compared with surveillance cameras and they found the car they were looking for, at the wheel of which the alleged thief was sitting.

The police department of the city of Springville, Utah, posted on Facebook a post in which he spoke about the investigation, and also asked for help in finding a car. According to them, a local resident turned to them and filed a complaint about the theft of the parcel directly from his porch. The only witness the site staff found was a nine-year-old girl. She was asked to tell about what had happened and try to draw a car that followed the mail machine. To the surprise of the police, the drawing turned out to be so detailed that it helped to quickly find the suspects.

The police published a children’s drawing, and for clarity, they added a screenshot from the surveillance camera, which shows the wanted car, to the post. And it really is very similar to the one painted – the girl even remembered approximate places with dents and scratches on the body (shown in the picture with gray spots), and also did not forget about the steel frame on the back of the pickup truck. Judging by the screenshot and picture, it seems that the criminals were driving on the old frame pickup Mazda B-Series.

In the comments under the publication, Facebook users vied with each other to praise the girl and admire her attention to details and good memory, as well as how exactly she managed to transfer the car of the criminals to paper. Now the police have declared the car on the wanted list and will track its movement in the city, as well as in nearby settlements.