The pilot of Formula E lost leadership due to chance

The pilot of Formula E lost leadership due to chance

March 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Oliver Rowland, who plays for the Nissan e.dams team, explained the reason for the slowdown of his car during the March 10 race in Hong Kong.

The reason for the loss of speed of the Rowland machine was to accidentally press the speed limit button. Breaking ahead on a restart (an accident occurred in which three cars were hit) the driver slightly slammed a couple of times with Sam Byrd, who was driving behind him, and then began to lose speed dramatically.

 It turns out after hitting Oliver touched the speed limiter button with his hand, which reduced it to 50 km / h. And he touched exactly the one that is designed to move on the highway in the mode of yellow flags (in the cars of the electric series there is one more for driving on the pit lane). The pilot himself before the end of the race did not understand what had happened and why.

 Later he said: “I thought that I accidentally turned on the speed limiter in the pit lane, so I started to turn it on and off, but nothing changed. Then I started pressing everything and the problem suddenly disappeared.” This is such an incredible accident, which threw the Briton from the first to the 18th place.

It should give him due – in what happened he did not blame Byrd. “It happens and nothing can be done about it, it remains only to get used to such contacts. Today you are pushed, tomorrow you are pushed. Sam did not deserve a fine in that case.”