The parking attendant took the client’s car because “it was cheaper than at Uber”

The parking attendant took the client’s car because “it was cheaper than at Uber”

July 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The parking attendant at the Colombian airport decided to take advantage of the fact that one of the clients would not be in the country, and took her car in exchange for his broken one. However, he did not take into account the risk that she might come back earlier than she was scheduled.

Colombian resident Joyce Johnson handed the keys to her Toyota 4Runner to the airport’s packer and flew to New Orleans. But, as she said in an interview with WIS News, because of the flood, she had to interrupt the trip and return one day earlier than she had originally planned. Upon returning to Colombia, the woman spent four hours searching for her car, but they were not successful – there was no SUV in the parking lot.

Representatives of the airport, who came to help the woman, were able to get through to the parking attendant, who drove the car to the parking lot. He told them that he had accidentally taken the keys home and would bring them back soon. In the end, he really brought them, but did it on the missing client machine. The police took him red-handed and taken to the police station.

As it turned out, the airport employee’s car broke down and wasn’t moving, so he decided to take the car of a client who flew out of the country. The parking attendant decided that no one would know about it if he returned the car before its owner landed back. As a result, he took the keys to Toyota, and in their place hung his own, from a broken car. At the trial, he also explained that he took the client’s SUV also because it was cheaper than calling Uber.

The man was charged and released on bail of eight thousand dollars. The owner of the car is very determined and wants to bring the case to the end, so that someone else does not fall into a similar situation.